Faith Groups

Faith Groups meet on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 p.m., the same time that our kids and students meet. Currently, we have three adult Faith Groups. We would be thrilled for you and your family to join us! To learn more, talk to someone, or to join a Faith Group, please fill out this brief form. This information will help us get to know you a little better so that we can help you get plugged in as you take this important next step in your spiritual life.

I’m Interested in Faith Groups!

Faith Groups are gatherings of 10 to 20 people (mixed gender) for the purpose of facilitating growth in Christ. These gatherings are Spirit-filled communities that are vital venues for fulfilling the “one another” commandments in the New Testament. We can and should read the Bible, pray, and seek God individually, but the benefits of the community are endless – not to mention commanded in the New Testament (Heb. 10:24-25).

For Faith Baptist Church, Faith Groups are the space where we pray in community, read and study the Bible in community, and serve in community. Since real people with real problems and real victories make up Faith Groups, we encourage, forgive, teach, celebrate, counsel, assist, cry, and laugh with one another as well. What we are trying to communicate is that it is really important for you to be a part of the gathering of the whole church together on Sundays, but it is equally important for you to be in a Faith Group where you are known by others and encouraged to continually grow in Christ as a faithful believer.

Just a note about our Bible study plan: We use Bible Studies for Life curriculum from LifeWay. It provides quality material that covers a variety of subjects and themes in the Bible in a gospel-centered way. The content is also adjusted to target different ages and learning levels to remain accessible for everyone, birth to senior adult.

But there are two key reasons why we use this material:
While we do aim to preach and teach the whole counsel of God’s Word, preaching verse by verse through books has its limitations with how much ground we can cover in a given year. Bible Studies for Life brings balance by covering major biblical concepts every year following the Levels of Biblical Learning study philosophy. Not only does this methodology provide balance, but it ensures our kids are well-equipped to enter adulthood with a proper foundation for a vibrant walk with Christ. These concepts provide the foundation of the adult material as well with the added goal of spiritual formation through the cultivation of eight key signposts that mark growing believers.

It is important for us to equip parents to disciple at home. Bible Studies for Life helps by bringing into alignment all of the kids’ material (up through 5th grade) so that preschoolers through 5th graders are learning the same section of Scripture even as the depth increases as the children get older. They also provide a Family Connection guide that will help parents get an overview of what their kids learned. This guide is a great conversation starter to use in helping their children retain what was taught the previous week. The material shifts at middle school. While continuing to advance in the Levels of Biblical Learning, the students begin to study the same passages and themes as the adults. This helps build a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Just as parents are able to have conversations with their younger kids about what they are learning, they will be able to compare notes, so to speak, with their middle schoolers and high schoolers since the parents are working through the same passages as their teenagers. This whole church integrated system is another main reason that we use Bible Studies for Life.

Click the links to find out more about Bible Studies for Life, Levels of Biblical Learning, and the Eight Signposts of Discipleship.

*If you’re interested in joining a group with a virtual meeting option, our Cornerstone Group does have Zoom attendance as an option. (Zoom Link |Passcode: faith)