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Weekend of Prayer and Fasting

Our world is filled with distractions, and unfortunately, believers are not immune. We trust in a Savior who entered into our brokenness to save us from our sins and bring about reconciliation between God and man. And yet, we have difficulty focusing our attention on the One who is most worthy. 

As we consider gathering together physically on June 28th, and as we take note of the cultural concerns in our day, we have decided to declare a fast for Faith Baptist Church.  It will last about forty hours, from 8 pm on Friday through the end of service Sunday morning. During this time, we want to turn our eyes to Jesus. We want to ask Him to renew our hearts and minds, to help us live as light shining in a dark world, and to help us trust in His leading for the future.  We don't want to rely on the traditions of man, but the power and insight of Almighty God. Ultimately, we  are pleading with God to work in our hearts so that we will be satisfied in Him alone.

Would you join us?  For more information about the fast and the accompanying prayer prompts, follow the links below.

We will also gather on Zoom throughout the fast with times of corporate prayer.  Details for the prayer times are listed below.

Prayer and Fasting Guides and Resources

Click the links below to access the prayer and fasting guides.

The information for the Zoom prayer gatherings is as follows:

Friday:   8 pm

Saturday:   6 am       

                  12 pm

                    6 pm

Sunday:    6 am

Phone #:  +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID:  824 1141 5859